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    • Abnormal Chloroplast Development and Growth Inhibition in Rice Thioredoxin m Knock-Down Plants 

      Yong Hun Chi; Jeong Chan Moon; Jin Ho Park; Ho-Seung Kim; Ismayil S. Zulfugarov; Fanata, Wahyu Indra; Ho Hee Jang; Jung Ro Lee; Young Mee Lee; Sun Tae kim; Yong-Yoon Chung; Chae Oh Lim; Jae-Yean Kim; Dae-Jin Yun; Choon-Hwan Lee; Kyun Oh Lee; Sang Yeol Lee (2017-11-27)
      Plant cells contain several thioredoxin isoforms that are characterized by subcellular localization and substrate specificity. Here, we describe the functional characterization of a rice (Oryza sativa) thioredoxin m isoform ...