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    • Volatile Compounds Changes in Unfermented Robusta Coffee by Re-Fermentation Using Commercial Kefir 

      AFRILIANA, Asmak; PRATIWI, Dian; GIYARTO, Giyarto; BELGIS, Maria; HARADA, Hiroyuki; YUSHIHARU, Mitoma; TAIZO, Masuda (Nutrition & Food Science International Journal, 2019-04-03)
      Robusta coffee usually has a low quality because the formation of flavored precursors is imperfect. The efforts to form a flavored precursor of unfermented Robusta coffee can be done by re-fermenting the coffee using ...
    • Volunteering in Health Care Context: A Concept Analysis Using Rodger’s Evolutionary Approach 

      A'LA, Muhamad Zulfatul; NUNTABOOT, Khanitta; RUNGREANGKULKIJ, Somporn (Nurse Media Journal of Nursing, 2020-12-01)
      Background: Volunteering is a common concept used in various disciplines including in the health care context. Nursing plays a role in volunteering concept development. However, the use of volunteering concept is still ...
    • Volvulus Due to Mesenteric Cysts in Infants and Children; A Case Report 

      ROMADHON, Brenda Desy; PRATAMA, Henggar Allest; CANDY, Gilang Vigorous Akbar Eka; KOSASIH, Jane; SUPANGAT, Supangat; QODAR, Tegar Syaiful; TOHARI, Achmad Ilham; MULYONO, Bagus Wahyu; HIDAYAT, Muhammad Rijal Fahrudin; NUGRAHA, Muhammad Yuda (MEJDD, 2022-10-30)
      Mesenteric cysts are defined as benign intra-abdominal tumors located in the mesentery. It was a rare disease with an incidence of 1:20000 in children. The most common location was in the small bowel mesentery. Most ...
    • Wacana Nasionalisme Kritis Dalam Musik Banyuwangian pada Masa Orde Baru 

      Tallapessy, Albert; Setiawan, Ikwan; Sariono, Agus; Suwargono, Eko (Paradigma Jurnal Kajian Budaya Vol 9 No. 3 (2019), 2019-12-01)
      Artikel ini membahas representasi wacana nasionalisme kritis dalam musik banyuwangian pada masa Orde Baru. Dengan menyandingkan teori representasi dan hegemoni yang menekankan pada pembacaan tekstual-kontekstual, kami ...
    • ‘Wader’ (Rasbora jacobsoni) Protein Hydrolysates: Production, Biochemical, and Functional Properties 

      Witono, Yuli; Taruna, Iwan; Windrati, Wiwik Siti; Azkiyah, Lailatul; Sari, Tri Norma (2016-09-05)
      Considerable the amounts of Wader (Rasbora jacobsoni) are abundant in Indonesia for all year and also have a low economic value. By using Biduri (Calotropis gigantea) protease, production of wader protein hydrolysate (WPH) ...
    • Wanita Nelayan: Sanitasi dan Usaha Kesehatan Keluarga Studi di Kabupaten Situbondo, Indonesia 

      MOELYANINGRUM, Anita Dewi; KHOIRON, Khoiron; MA`RUFI, Isa; NURIKA, Globila; KUSNADI, Kusnadi (Ikesma: Jurnal Ilmu Kesehatan Masyarakat, 2022-12)
      Indonesia is a maritime country with a long coastline of 108,000 km. Fishermen's profession is the choice of people living in coastal areas. Women fishermen are the wives of fishermen who have a role in the sustainability ...
    • Wanprestasi Pada Akad Murabahah (Studi Putusan Nomor 1039/Pdt.G/2014/PA.Pbg) 

      TEKTONA, Rahmadi Indra; SUSANTI, Dyah Ochtorina; ISKLIYONO, Slamet Ervin (Jurnal Supremasi, Volume 10, Nomor 2, September 2020, 2020-09-01)
      Jual beli merupakan suatu hal yang lumrah atau lazim dilakukan. Sama halnya dengan jual beli dalam bank syariah menggunakan akad murabahah. Yang sering terjadi dalam menyicil pembayaran adalah terjadinya ingkar ...
    • Warm Compress Therapy to Resolved Acute Pain Nursing Problems: A Case Study 

      KUSHARIYADI, Kushariyadi; MAULIDA, Rifa Refina Ria; RIDLA, Akhmad Zainur; CANDRA, Eka Yufi Septriana (Jurnal Kegawatdaruratan Medis Indonesia (JKMI), 2023-08-30)
      the application of complementary therapies in hospitals is still not optimal. The limitations of the application of nursing interventions are caused by the factor of applying therapy by nurses to patients and education ...
    • waste management for environmental safety in the effort to support biosafety of agricultural biotechnology products university of jember 

      SUSANTO, Arnis Budi; ANDRIANA, Andriana; ANGGRAENI, Dian (QAS, 2022-02-02)
      The purpose this study was to obtain information on waste management of biotechnology products,which focused on agricultural product at the university of jember.
    • Waste Mapping Strategy Based Lean Management in Outpatient Installation at Hospital X Banyuwangi District 

      KAMAHAYO, Martagela; NINGTYIAS, Farida Wahyu; YANI, Ristya Widi Endah (WORLD JOURNAL OF ADVANCE HEALTHCARE RESEARCH, 2020-11-27)
      Lean management is a method used to eliminated or reducing waste. In the outpatient installation at the hospital X Banyuwangi. There are several waste that must be addressed immediately so that service ccan run optimally. ...
    • Water Hyacinth Potential in The Pollution Impact Reduction of Coffee Agroindustry Wastewater 

      NOVITA, Elida; WAHYUNINGSIH, Sri; ANDIKA, Mastuki; PRADANA, Hendra Andiananta (Teknologi Pencegahan Pencemaran Industri, 2023-11-10)
      Coffee processing wastewater originating from the coffee agroindustry has the potential to reduce environmental quality. Water hyacinth is one of the biological agents capable of reducing pollutants in wastewater through ...
    • Water Pipeline Monitoring System Using Flow Sensor Based on the Internet of Things 

      HERDIYANTO, Dedy Wahyu; HARDIANTO, Triwahju; ARDIANSYA, Dimas; WICAKSONO, Immawan; CAHYADI, Widya; SARWONO, Catur Suko (Jurnal Arus Elektro Indonesia (JAEI), 2023-04-01)
      Pipe leakage is one of the most common problems in agriculture. Especially if the agricultural land is quite large, it will be challenging to determine the location if a leak occurs. Active sensors are not recommended ...
    • Water quality analysis of pucang river, sidoarjo regency to control water pollution 

      This study aimed to analyze water quality and control water pollution in the Pucang River in Sidoarjo Regency. The method was used to identify water quality of the 11 parameters and compared them the Government Regulation ...
    • Water quality assessment at Bedadung River in Jember Regency 

      NOVITA, Elida; PRADANA, Hendra Andiananta; DWIJA, Satria Priambada (Journal of Natural Resources and Environmental Management, 2020-09-09)
      River water quality assessment plays an important role in determining the allocation of surface water resourses. The purpose of this study is to identify the pollution load capacity and the status of water quality assessment ...
    • Water Scarcity, Mountain Deforestation and the Economic Value of Water in a Small-Scale Irrigation System: A Case Study in East Java, Indonesia 

      BUDIMAN, Subhan Arif; RONDHI, Mohammad; KHASAN, Ahmad Fatikhul; PERATAMA, Bagus; ROKHANI, Rokhani; SUWANDARI, Anik; RIDJAL, Julian Adam; SOEMARNO, Soemarno; PRIJONO, Sugeng; SOEDARTO, Soedarto (QUAESTIONES GEOGRAPHICAE, 2021-06-30)
      The purpose of this study was to identify the willingness of farmers to pay for small-scale irrigation (SSI) and its determinants. Additionally, this study analysed the physical water availability in the study area using ...
    • Water Supply Potential for Agropolitan Concept 

      ERNANDA, Heru; ANDRIYANI, Idah (Jurnal Teknik Pertanian Lampung, 2023-03-31)
      One of the obstacles to the development of Tongas District - Probolinggo Regency as an agropolitan area is the Limited of availability of water in Tongas Village. Kelampok village only has technical fields area of 105 ...
    • Water-Based Therapies of Bhutan: Current Practices and the Recorded Clinical Evidence of Balneotherapy 

      WANGCHUK, Phurpa; YESHI, Karma; UGYEM, Karma; DORJI, Jigme; WANGDI, Karma; SAMTEM, Samten; TSHERING, Phurba; NUGRAHA, Ari Satia (MDPI, 2020-12-23)
      Medical water therapy (also called medical hydrology) is practiced worldwide both for relaxation and treatment of diseases. While this practice is still thriving in Bhutan, there is a lack of proper documentation and ...
    • Web-Based Resources for Legal English Vocabulary Enhancement of Law Students 

      Supardi, Supardi (2017-08-24)
      In the digital era like nowadays the emergence of web cannot be separated from the activities of English Language Teaching ELT). In other words, the teachers of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) cannot ignore it in their ...
    • What Are the Causes and Types of Farmer Trauma? A Literature Review 

      MAISYAROH, Arista; KURNIANTO, Syaifuddin; WIDIANTO, Eko Prasetya (Journal of Vocational Health Studies,, 2023-11-11)
      Industri Pertanian merupakan sektor yang berbahaya menyebabkan banyak kecelakaan tiap tahun
    • What Can Students Show About Higher Order Thinking Skills in Physics Learning? 

      Supeno, Supeno; Astutik, Sri; Bektiarso, Singgih; Lesmono, Albertus Djoko; Nuraini, Lailatul (2019-07-31)
      Higher order thinking skills are the ability to think not just recall, restate, or recite but it reaches several dimensions of knowledge, including metacognitive dimensions. Students who have higher order thinking skills ...