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    • Correlation Pain on Fatigue in Post Operation Patients 

      KUSHARIYADI, Kushariyadi; HAKAM, Mulia; ADIANTARA, Ken Rangga Galang (Book Of Abstrak, 2022-09-01)
      Background: Uncontrolled postoperative pain causes prolonged fatigue in the patient which hinders wound healing, hinders the recovery of the patient's functions and activities to a normal state, causes frustration, ...
    • Impact of Static Lifestyle on Musculoskeletal Disorder among Adolescents during Covid-19 Pandemic 

      HAKAM, Mulia; KUSHARIYADI, Kushariyadi; NIKMAH, Sinditya Faridatul (Book Of Abstrak, 2022-09-30)
      Background: Static lifestyles have an impact on decreased learning activities, boredom, stress, and cause musculoskeletal disorder. A static lifestyle also causes muscle fatigue, pain and discomfort in certain body ...