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      Power Transmission Line 500 kVExtremely Low Frequency Electric and magnetic fields Subjective health problems [1]
      PPL achievement, Lesson Study, clinical supervision [1]
      Practice instructions, Virtual Laboratory, Practice work, learning motivation [1]
      Prestasi Belajar, Ketrampilan Berbicara, Mendengarkan, Cassette Friends [1]
      probability, particle three-dimensional box, perturbation theory [1]
      Problem Based Instruction Models, Activity, Physics learning mastery [1]
      Problem Based Instruction, learning activity, mastering physics concepts [1]
      Problem Based Instruction, learning outcomes, science process skills [1]
      Problem Based Instruction, Physics Learning [1]
      Problem Based Instruction, science attitude, learning outcome, student activities [1]
      Problem Based Learning, Pembelajaran IPA, Kecakapan Berpikir [1]
      problem based learning, adaptive worksheet, students’ achievement [1]
      Problem based learning, Lesson study, academic skill [1]
      problem posing semi-structured, learning outcomes and learning activities [1]
      problem posing type post solution, learning activities, learning outcomes [1]
      problem posing with method of structured tasks, learning outcomes and learning activities [1]
      problem solving laboratory model, science process skills, and learning result [1]
      problem solving learning model, pictorial riddle method, physics learning activity [1]
      problem solving, PSIM, representation [1]
      Problem Solving, Snowball throwing,student activities, learning outcomes, retention of learning outcomes [1]