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    • Diagnostic Difficulties with Plasmodium knowlesi Infection in Humans 

      Sulistyaningsih, Erma; Fitri, Loeki Enggar; Löscher, Thomas; Berens-Riha, Nicole (2013-10-09)
      Studies conducted in Malaysia have raised questions about Plasmodium knowlesi as the fifth human pathogenic malaria parasite (1,2); additional cases of P. knowlesi malaria have subsequently been reported from other Asian ...
    • Diversity of the var gene family of Indonesian Plasmodium falciparum isolates 

      Sulistyaningsih, Erma; Fitri, Loeki E.; Löscher, Thomas; Berens-Riha, Nicole (2013-10-09)
      Background: The large polymorphic protein PfEMP1 is encoded by the var gene family. PfEMP1 has been shown to play an important role as cytoadherence ligand on the surface of infected erythrocytes and thereby contributes ...