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      Endorser, isi pesan, struktur format sumber keputusan pembelian, loyalitas merek [1]
      Endorser, isi pesan, struktur pesan, format pesan, sumber pesan, keputusan pembelian, loyalitas merek [1]
      Entrepreneurial Orientation, Management Capabilities, Knowledge Sharing, Innovation, Business Performance [2]
      entrepreneurship, job opportunity, unemployment [1]
      environment, motivation, performance [2]
      Ethics Confucius, Entrepreneurship, Customer Satisfaction, and Perceived Image Business Performance [2]
      evaluasi, belajar mengajar [1]
      export, tax, crude palm oil, policy, regulation [1]
      Factor Analysis [1]
      financial performance and profitable banking [1]
      Fiscal Decentralization, financial independence [2]
      fishing income [2]
      fishing poverty, socio-economic structures, coastal communities [2]
      food security, sector base and inflation [2]
      Fraud, Forensic auditing, Financial Statement Fraud, Aset Misappropriation, Corruption. corporate (organization) culture, Corporate Governance Govenance (GCG) principles [1]
      Gakin Bank, Ratio Analysis, Microfinance Institution, IFAD [1]
      game theory; prospects; institution; industry; tobacco [1]
      Good Corporate Governance, kinerja keuangan, ROA, ROE, dan Bank Syariah [1]
      Good Political Party Governance, Commission of General Election ( KPU), transparency, accountability, responsibilitas, Financial Position Statement, Activity Statement, Cash Flow Statement and Note Financial Statement) and the Statement of Using of Campaign Fund [1]
      Incentives, working time and productivity [1]