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    • N-glycan maturation is crucial for cytokinin-mediated development and cellulose synthesis in Oryza sativa 

      Fanata, Wahyu Indra Duwi; Kyoung Hwan Lee; Bo Hwa Son; Jae Yong Yoo; Harmoko, Rikno; Ki Seong Ko; Ramasamy, Nirmal Kumar; Kyung Hwa Kim; Doo-Byoung Oh; Hyun Suk Jung; Jae-Yean Kim; Sang Yeol Lee; Kyun Oh Lee (2017-11-27)
      To explore the physiological significance of N-glycan maturation in the plant Golgi apparatus, gnt1,a mutant with loss of N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase I (GnTI) function, was isolated in Oryza sativa. gnt1 exhibited ...