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    • Protein Adsorption on Modified Bacterial Cellulode 

      PILUHARTO, Bambang; SULISTYOWATI, Fitri; INDARTI, Dwi; BUSRONI, Busroni; HANDOKO, D. Setiawan Purwo (Computational and Experimental Research in Materials and Renewable Energy (CERiMRE), 2020-05-02)
      The protein adsorption was interesting study, especially in the biological fluidic application. In the present study, we study the protein adsorption behavior on the bacterial cellulose and modified bacterial cellulose. ...
    • Synthesis and Characterization of Bacterial Cellulose-Polyaniline Composite with Variation of Dopant Concentration 

      UMMAMI, Riza; BUSRONI, Busroni; PILUHARTO, Bambang (Berkala Sainstek, 2022-07-07)
      Polyaniline is a type of conductive polymer. Bacterial cellulose has high mechanical properties, so it can be made into polyaniline base composite materials. A stable form of polyaniline oxidation at room temperature is ...