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dc.contributor.authorAHMAD, Nur
dc.description.abstractThe Carnot cycle is a difficult discussion enough, abstract and often get misunderstood by student. The Carnot cycle is a thermodynamic part in physics. Thermodynamics is spontaneously mechanics of transferring heat energy from high temperatures to low temperatures. The understanding working of a motorcycle combustion engine can connect to thermodynamic concept in Carnot Cycle. The workings of this combustion engine include 4 steps, namely intake, compression, power and exhaust. That four step can explain thermodynamic processes like as adiabatic, isothermic, and isochoric are studied in the Carnot cycle. The purpose of this study is to connect the thermodynamic concepts of motorbike engine combustion to facilitate the learning of physics. The research type is literature review and to develop media learning. The method uses 4 stages are media creation, student’s assesment, student quality feedback and expert assessment. The media had x-banner and video combination about MCE and Carnot cycle pictures. The result of the research were motorcycle combustion engine work learning media with a feasibility suggest based on the assessment of learning media expert assessors. Student trials include readable level font, simplicity, clarity, ease, educative and attractiveness average 74%. Student feedback to find out comment of participant about learning media quality. Participant will requested both strengths weaknesses, critics and suggestion about media construction. Expert suggest need simple and contextual picture about motorcycle engine adapted to real fact in daily activities. This matter fascilitate understanding of engine mechanism more easy. Expert suggest this learning media expecially to ICE picture that four cylinder-piston pair should be one cylinder- piston pair or two cylinderpiston only. This motorcycle combustion engine learning media is should be apply in Carnot cycle matter.en_US
dc.publisherFKIP University of Jemberen_US
dc.subjectUnderstanding Motorcycle Combustion Engine Work as the Application of Carnot Cycleen_US
dc.titleUnderstanding Motorcycle Combustion Engine Work as the Application of Carnot Cycleen_US

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