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dc.contributor.authorAnies Indrasari
dc.contributor.authorWiwiek Eko Bindarti
dc.contributor.authorEka Wahjuningsih
dc.description.abstractThe objectives of this research were: to improve VIII C students’ vocabulary achievement and their active participation in the teaching learning process of vocabulary by using Crossword Puzzles at SMP Negeri 2 Lumajang. The research design used in this research was a Classroom Action Research. The research area was chosen by using purposive method. The subjects of the research were determined by using purposive method. The students of class VIII-C were chosen to be the subjects of this research. The data collection methods of this research were a vocabulary achievement test, observation, documentation, and interview. The collected data were analyzed by using percentage formula. This research was conducted in two Cycles. The results of observations in Cycle 1 revealed that as many as 58.62% of the students were categorized as active students during the teaching learning process of vocabulary and it increased up to 75 % in Cycle 2 in the first meeting. While in the second meeting, the improvement was from 65.62% in Cycle 1 to 90.62% in Cycle 2. Further, the result of vocabulary achievement test indicated that as many as 31 students 96.87% out of 32 students could achieve the target minimum score that was ≥ 75 in Cycle 1 and it increased up to 100% (all of the students) in Cycle 2. Based on those result of this research, it was known that the use of crossword puzzle in teaching vocabulary could improve VIII C students' vocabulary achievement and their active participation. Therefore, it's suggested that the English teacher apply Crossword Puzzles in teaching English vocabulary.en_US
dc.subjectCrossword Puzzlesen_US
dc.subjectVocabulary Achievementen_US
dc.subjectClassroom Action Researchen_US
dc.titleLanguage and Arts Education Program, The Faculty of Teacher Training and Education,en_US

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