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dc.contributor.authorMaharani Riezqi Awaliya, Awaliya,
dc.contributor.authorMusli Ariani, Ariani
dc.contributor.authorMade Adi Andayani T, Andayani T
dc.description.abstractWriting is a process of developing ideas and putting them down into a written form. Writing can be used as another way to communicate with other people instead of speaking. Writing skill is considered as a difficult skill to develop, especially for most of the students who learn in the context of English as a second or foreign language. The use of real objects or realia was appropriate since this media could help the students to find the idea in writing descriptive paragraph by stimulating their five senses. This research applied quasi experimental research using posttest-only control group design. The research was conducted at SMP Argopuro 2 Suci, Panti, Jember with the eighth graders as the research population. Two classes were chosen as the research samples by using homogeneity analysis of ANOVA of the students’ English previous score. Class 8A which had 41 students was the experimental class and class 8C which consisted of 41 students as the control class. Both classes were taught twice with the same materials but different treatment. At the end of the meetings, the students were given a post-test and the result of the post-test was analyzed by using Independent Sample T-test (SPSS). From the result of the Independent Sample T-test, it showed that the Lavene’s variance value was 0.114 that was higher than 0.05. It meant that the variance was equal. On Equal Variances Assumed, it showed that the sig. (2-tailed) value was 0.000. It meant that it was lower than 0.05. Therefore, it meant there was a statistically different between the two classes. In other words, there was a significant effect of using real objects or realia as the teaching media on the students’ descriptive paragraph writing achievement.en_US
dc.subjectFive sensesen_US
dc.subjectIndependent T-testen_US
dc.subjectreal objects or realiaen_US
dc.subjectwriting achievementen_US
dc.titleThe Effect of Using Real Objects or Realia on the Eighth Grade Students’ Descriptive Paragraph Writing Achievement at SMP Argopuro 2 Suci Panti Jember in 2013/2014 Academic Yearen_US

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