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    • Bioactive glycosides from the African medicinal plant Boerhavia erecta L. 

      Ari S. Nugraha; Adama Hilou; Nicholas Vandegraaff; David I. Rhodes; Rachada Haritakun; Paul A. Keller (2018-03-22)
      Phytochemical studies of the previously unexplored stem of Boerhavia erecta from Burkina Faso, resulted in the isolation of an unreported glycoside 4, 2,3dihydroxypropylbenzoate-3-O-b-[400-methoxy] glucuronide as well as ...
    • Constituents of the Indonesian Epiphytic Medicinal Plant Drynaria rigidula 

      Ari S. Nugraha; Rachada Haritakun; Paul A. Keller (2018-03-22)
      The rhizome of Drynaria rigidula has been traditionally claimed to have anti-infective properties. A phytochemical study conducted on the rhizome successfully isolated two new aromatic glycosides as well as three known ...