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dc.contributor.authorNaim, Mohamad
dc.description.abstractThe purposes of the research are: 1) to study the effectiveness of implementation the out of class teachingmethod toward the result study of the students; 2) to increase the quality of History teaching. Solving the teaching problems in Social Science toward the topic of local History heritage in Elementary school grade 4'h. The type of the research is a Classroom action research with the steps: planning, action, observation and retlection. The conclusion of the research are:I) the Usage of the Megalithic siteheritage in Bondowoso by implementing the out of class History teaching method can increase the result of the study in Social science toward the substontive subj ect : " the students' local History heritage eny ironmenten_US
dc.publisherJurnal IPS Vol.X No.1 Januari 2008.en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesVol.X No.1 Januari 2008.;No.1 Januari 2008
dc.subjectOut of Class History Tbaching The result of studyen_US
dc.titlePemanfaatan Peninggalan Situs Megalithikum di Bondowoso Untuk Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar IPS Pada Pokok Materi : Peninggalan Sejarah di Lingkungan Setempat dengan menerapakan Metode Pembelajaran di Luar Kelas (Out Of Class History Teaching)en_US

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