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      CLIS model, experiment method, students’ achievement, activity [1]
      cognitive conflict approach, experiments method, activity [1]
      collaborative learning model, learning outcomes, learning activities [1]
      concept mapping technique, experiment method, learning outcome, scientific attitudes, think pair share model [1]
      construction validity, concurrent and predictive validity [1]
      Cooperative Learning Model Type of Number Head Together, Independence students Learning, Student learning results [1]
      Cooperative Capital Increase, SHU, Profitability ratios, and KPRI Mangala [1]
      cooperative group investigation learning model, work sheet field, achievements, learning activities, and retention achievements [1]
      Cooperative Intregrated Reading and Composition, Deep Dialogue Critical Thinking [1]
      Cooperative learning Cooperative-type Script with Practicum Methods [1]
      Cooperative learning Cooperative-type Script with practicum Methods [1]
      cooperative learning model NHT (Numbered Head Together), learning activities, and student learning outcomes [1]
      cooperative learning model think pair share, demonstration method and multirepresentation ability [1]
      Cooperative Learning STAD learning technique, interactive multimedia, learning result, students’ interest [1]
      Cooperative Learning type NHT, Reinforcement [1]
      cooperative learning, bilingual microteaching, teaching performance, English capability [2]
      cooperative learning, snowball throwing, physics learning [1]
      Cooperative learning,experimental method, learning activities, physics achievement, science process skill, TPS [1]
      Cooperative Model GI type, media animation, multirepresentasi abilities, and learning outcomes [1]
      CPMMV, Bemisia tabaci, ketahanan kedelai [1]